• emeagwali@ccsu.edu

History Department,
Central Connecticut State University,
New Britain, CT 06050.

Professor Gloria Emeagwali
Professor of History and African Studies. Amateur Film Maker
B.A. (UWI)
M.A. (Toronto)
PhD. (ABU)
Dip.Ed. (London)

Areas of Specialization

History of Africa and the African Diaspora


  • Hist 376- African History Since 1800
  • Hist 375- African History to 1800
  • Hist 431- Ancient Northeast Africa to 600CE
  • Hist 476- African History Through Film
  • Hist 121- World Civilizations 1
  • Hist 122- World Civilizations 2
  • Hist 545- South Africa since 1900
  • Hist 432- South Africa from earliest times

  • emeagwali@ccsu.edu
  • www.africahistory.net
  • vimeo.com/user5946750/videosGloria Emeagwali’s Documentaries on Africa and the African Diaspora
  • Chief Editor,Africa Update- www.ccsu.edu/afstudy/archive.html By 2016, Africa Update had published over 250 articles- by more than 150 scholars.Peer reviewed.Nominated by EBSCO for inclusion in its Academic Search Complete Research Database- one of the most prestigious, multidisciplinary collections in the academic world.
  • 860-832-2815 (Office)

A). Honors, Distinctions, Membership of Learned/Professional Societies and Professional Activities

    1. External Assessment/Consultancy
      1. External Assessor, Women’s Studies Program, Antioch University/ Regents College, London,  December 4, 1990;
      2. External Assessor, University of the West Indies, Barbados, 2005;
      3. External Assessor, History Department, University of Guyana, Guyana, 1992;
      4. External Assessor, Department of Africana and Puerto Rican/Latino Studies, City University of New York, 2003;
      5. External Assessor, Department of History, Missouri State University, 2012;
      6. External Assessor, Cornell University, New York, 2009;
      7. External Assessor, University of Maryland, 2013
      8. External Assessor, Idaho State University, 2014
      9. Consultant, World History Focus Group, Prentice Hall, 2006;


    1. Review
      1. Reviewer, CHOICE, Association of College and Research Libraries, 2005 to present;
      2. Reviewer, National Endowment for the Humanities, Washington, DC,
      3. Reviewer, Journal of Education for International Development, American Institute for Research;
      4. Reviewer, the Historian, University of South Florida,
      5. Reviewer, University of Nebraska Press, Nebraska;
      6. Panelist/Reviewer, National Endowment for the Humanities, Washington, DC


    1. Visiting Fellowships
      1. Senior Associate Member & Visiting Fellow, St. Antony’s College, Oxford Univ., United Kingdom, 1990-91;
      2. Visiting Scholar, CCCRW, Oxford University, UK., Spring 2000.


    1. Grants/Awards
      1. AAUP Connecticut State University Research
      2. Grant Award 1994, 1998, 2002, 2003, 2006 & 2007;
      3. 2000 Visiting Fellowship,  CCCRW, Oxford University. UK;
      4. Travel Award, Wenner Gren Foundation, 12th International Congress of Anthropological and Ethnological Sciences, Zagreb, Yugoslavia;
      5. Travel Award, World Archaeological Congress, Southampton University, United Kingdom;
      6. Recipient of UNESCO AWARD for Website ;
      7. Distinguished Research Excellence Award in African Studies, The University of Texas At Austin, 2014.
      8. 2019  Distinguished  Africanist Award, New York African Studies Association (NYASA)


    1. Membership in Editorial Boards/Academic Councils
      1. Member of Council, International Society for the Study of Civilizations (ISCSC) U.S.A. 1995 to 1998;  2004-2006;
      2. Member,  Editorial Board, Review of African Political Economy, UK 2002 to date; Chief Editor, Africa Update, A Newsletter of African Studies, CCSU.  1993 to present;
      3. Member of Advisory Board, Encyclopedia of the History of, Technology and Medicine in Non-Western Cultures;
      4. Member of the Program Committee, ISCSC, Mona, Jamaica, 2002;
      5. Founding Coordinator of African Studies, CCSU. 1992 to 1997.


  1. Selected Keynote/Plenary Addresses
    1. Keynote Address, Conference on Post-Colonial Knowledges. Bremen University, Germany. March 15 -19, 2016(Sponsor: Bremen University).
    2. ‘Bonds, Bondage and the Structural Adjustment Programs of the 1980s and 1990s with reference to Africa’-  Invited paper presented at UNESCO sponsored International Conference on Slavery and the Slave Trade Osun State, Nigeria, 23- 6 August, 2010. (Sponsor: UNESCO).
    3. ‘Africa’s Utilization of her Primary Sources of Knowledge and History as a Tool for Social Reconstruction  and Advancement’ –  Invited   Paper  presented at the International Conference on the Preservation of Ancient Manuscripts on Africa, United Nations International Conference Center. Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. December 17-9,  2010. ( Sponsor: Plan International, Senegal)
    4. ‘African Indigenous Technology’ –  Public Lecture,  Mekelle University, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. December 21,  2010. (Sponsor: Mekelle University, Ethiopia)
    5. ‘Economic Development in Africa and the African Diaspora: Lessons from the Global Financial Meltdown’ – Keynote Paper presented at International Conference on Global Africans, Pan Africanism, Decolonization and Integration of Africa: Past, Present and Future, Abuja, Nigeria, Sept. 21-24,  2010.  (Sponsor: Center for Black and African Civilization (CBAAC), Lagos Nigeria)
    6. ‘Economic Development in Africa and the African Diaspora: Lessons from the Global Financial Meltdown’ – Keynote Paper presented at International Conference on Global Africans, Pan Africanism, Decolonization and Integration of Africa: Past, Present and Future, Abuja, Nigeria, Sept. 21-24,  2010.      (Sponsor: Center for Black and African Civilization (CBAAC), Lagos Nigeria)
    7. ‘West African Women’s Issues, Resistance, Development at Home and Abroad,’-  Public  Lecture, City College of  New York, March 24, 2011.    (Sponsor: CCNY)
  1. Director of Workshop on African Indigenous Knowledge Systems,University of South Africa (UNISA), Pretoria, South Africa. June 2013
  2. Public Lecture on AIK and History, Mekelle University, Mekelle, Ethiopia. March 2013
  3. Public Lecture,National Museum of Ethiopia, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. March 2013
  4. Invited Panelist,International Conference on Endogenous Development and Transdisciplinarity in Higher Education: Challenges for the co-evolution of Mainstream and Endogenous Knowledge Traditions. Cochabamba, Bolivia, October 30 – November 3, 2011
  5. Panelist, Wangari Maathai Symposium – Brooklyn College,CUNY. March 28,2012.
  6. Key Note Speaker, 57th Annual Congress of the Historical Society of Nigeria. October,2012.
  7. Workshop Coordinator on African Indigenous Knowledge Systems, University of South Africa, Muckleneuk Ridge, Pretoria, South Africa. June 2013.
  8. Invited Speaker on ‘Conceptualising Science in its African Context’. Massachusetts Institute of Technology.November 13 -15, 2014.
  9. Presenter on ‘Comparative Paradigms on Culture,Development and Democracy in the Writings of Wangari Maathai and Steve Biko.’TOFAC International Conference. Durban, South Africa. July 2014.
  10. Keynote Speaker, Third World Foundation, Swissotel, Chicago, March 2001.
  11. Plenary Speaker, American Heritage Foundation, Cornell University, 1999.
  12. Keynote Speaker, September 13, 2001, Central Lancashire
  13. Invited Public Speaker, Dalhousie University, Canada, Oct. 1999.
  14. Keynote Speaker, SCESCAL, South Africa, March 2002.
  15. Gallery Lecture, Wadsworth Atheneum Museum of Art, March 2005.
  16. Plenary Address, Conference on Redesign of Social Science Curricula, Multiversity, Penang, Malaysia, Nov 19-22, 2004.
  17. Keynote Speaker, Conference on African Indigenous Knowledge Systems, Nasarawa University,  Nigeria, 2006.
  18. Keynote Speaker, Conference on the African Diaspora, University of the West Indies, Trinidad, 2006.
  19. ‘Globalization and Africa,’ City College of New York, May 13, 2004.
  20. ‘Globalization and its impact on Africa and the Caribbean, Brooklyn College, May 6, 2004.
  21. Co-coordinator, Conference on “Gender Issues and Structural Adjustment in Africa,” Institute for African Alternatives, London, 23 March 1991.
  22. Public Speaker, Royal African Society, on “The Nigerian Economic Crisis,” Bristol University, 25 March 1991.
  23. Public Speaker, Institute for African Alternatives, London on “Nigeria and the Debt Crisis,” 24 November 1990.
  24. Paper Presenter, “Perspectives on Methodology in Women’s Studies in Nigeria,” Queen Elizabeth House, Oxford University, Oxford, 22 November 1990.
  25. Paper Presenter, “The Structural Adjustment Program in Nigeria, Implications for Development Strategy,” St. Antony’s College, Oxford University, Oxford, 1 November 1990.
  26. Paper Presenter, “Gender and Islam in Nigeria” Queen Elizabeth House, Oxford University, Oxford, 28 February 1991.
  27. Invited Speaker, “The Nigerian Structural Adjustment Program,” Department of Political Science, Liverpool University, Liverpool, 25 January 1991.
  28. Invited Speaker, “Debt, Structural Adjustment and Nigeria,” at Lancaster Polytechnic, Department of Historical Studies, Preston, United Kingdom, 1991.
  29. Invited Speaker, “Systems of Science, Technology and Art in Africa,” Electric Cinema, London, United Kingdom, May 23rd 1994.
  30. Invited Speaker on African Technology, at the Fourth Annual International Conference on Comparative Scientific Traditions, University of Massachusetts, Amherst, April 8-10, 1994.
  31. Invited Speaker, on “The Role of Science and Technology in the New World Order,” University of Arkansas at Little Rock, Arkansas, March 10-12 1994.
  32. Invited Speaker, The Twentieth New England Medieval Conference, University of Massachusetts, Amherst, November 13-14, 1993.
  33. Chair/Panel Organizers, African Studies Association Meeting, Toronto, Canada, November 1994: “Science, Technology and Medieval West Africa.”
  34. Invited Speaker, “African Technology,” Lynchburg College, Virginia, February 1993.
  35. Paper presenter, 13th Annual Lilly Conference on College Teaching, November 12-14, 1993, Miami University, Oxford, Ohio.
  36. Coordinator of Conference on Conflict Resolution in the Horn of Africa in conjunction with Members of the Somaliland Community based in Hartford, November 19, 1994.  The keynote address was given by Ambassador David Shinn, of the U.S. State Department.
  37. Invited Scholar, International Conference on Science, sponsored by COMSTECH, Standing Committee on  Scientific and  Technological Cooperation,  March 26-30 1995.
  38. Invited Scholar, and  Presenter of Key Note  Address, West African Studies, Central Lancashire University, Preston, United Kingdom, 1-3 September 1995.
  39. Invited Scholar, Women’s Studies Conference, The College at New Paltz, New York, October 1995.
  40. Paper presentation at the Biennial Conference on African Studies, Bristol University,  United Kingdom, September 1996.
  41. Paper presentation at the Annual Conference on Philosophy and African Studies, Global Studies, Binghamton University, Nov. 1997.
  42. Paper presentation at the Weekly Seminar, The Buttery’s. Antonym’s College, Oxford University, UK, March 7,1998.
  43. Invited Scholar/Paper Presenter, Conference on African Studies, University of Mass, Dartmouth, May, 1998.
  44. Invited Scholar/Paper Presenter, Conference on Matrices of  Scientific Knowledge, on the theme- Colonialism and Science -the African Case, Oxford University, UK, March 1998.
  45. Invited Scholar /paper presenter, Conference on Globalization and Africa, University of Lancashire, Preston, UK, April 23-25,1998.
  46. Participant at the Conference on Nubian Studies, MFA, Boston August 22-24,1999- Extensive commentary On methodological issues related to Nubian History.
  47. Chair and paper presenter on Crisis and Contradictions of Structural Adjustment in Nigeria, Vrije University, Amsterdam, March 2000.
  48. Presenter at the Weekly Seminar at the Institute for Development Studies, Oxford University on ‘Nigerian Entrepreneurs in a mal-adjusted economy’, May 2000.
  49. Panel Chair and presenter at the Annual Conference of the ISCSC, Rutgers University, New Jersey, May 2001.
  50. Presenter,’ Trinidadian Garveyites in the Interwar era,’ West Indian Social Club, Hartford, Feb 27, 2005.


On-going structural adjustment programs, now called PRSPs and their effects on pre-existing production and gender relations in Nigeria; Endogenous and Externally Derived Science and Technology Development in Africa; African Cinema. Video- Film Documentation of Ancient African historic sites .


  • 1979 to 1986:  Assistant Professor, Dept. of History, Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria, Nigeria.
  • 1986 to 1989:  Associate Professor, Dept. of History, University of Ilorin, Kwara State, Nigeria, and,  Visiting Associate Professor, Nigerian Defense Academy, Kaduna, Nigeria.
  • 1989 to 1990:  Visiting Professor, African and Asian Studies, U.W.I., St. Augustine, Trinidad.
  • 1990 to 1991:  Senior Associate Member and Visiting Fellow, St. Antony’s College, Oxford University, UK.
  • 1991 to 1995:  Associate Professor, History Dept., CCSU.
  • 2000:   Visiting Fellow, Centre for Cross-Cultural Research, Queen Elizabeth House, Oxford University.
  • 1995 to present:  Full Professor, History Dept., CCSU, New Britain



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Book Publications (Edited)

  • African Indigenous Knowledge and the Sciences: Journeys into the Past and Present. 2016. Rotterdam, Netherlands: Sense publishers. co-edited with Edward Shizha)
  • Africa and the Academy.2006  New  Jersey: Africa World Press,
  • The African Experience.2006.  New York: Whittier. (co-edited with Walton Brown-Foster)
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Publication in Honor of  Professor Gloria Emeagwali

O. Akinwumi, O. Okpeh, C. B. N Ogbogbo and Adoyi Onoja (eds.)
African Indigenous Science and Knowledge Systems: Triumphs and
Tribulations.   Nigeria, Abuja: Roots Books,  2007.
Essays in Honour of Gloria Thomas Emeagwali


Electronic Publications

  • Editorship and design of a series of web pages on aspects of African Indigenous Knowledge Systems  and Science. Recipient of UNESCO AWARD for Website: www.africahistory.net;
  • Interviews of writers, scholars and community activists: http://www.vimeo.com/user5946750/videos
  • Chief Editorship, Africa Update, A Newsletter of African Studies, CCSU: http://www.ccsu.edu/afstudy/archive.html
  • Over 80 Editorial Commentaries in Africa Update 1993 to present: http://www.ccsu.edu/afstudy/archive.html


SELECTED INTERVIEWS OF DISTINGUISHED SCHOLARS, by Prof.Gloria Emeagwali, 2012 to present

  • Professor C.C Mavhunga. “Innovation and Indigenous Technology in Great Zimbabwe: Conversations with Professor
    C.C Mavhunga.” Interviewed By Gloria Emeagwali.MPEG, http://www.vimeo.com/112103461, November, 2014. Interviewed
    at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Camb.
  • Professor Gumbo Mishack. “Conversations on Indigenous Knowledge Systems.” Interviewed By Gloria
    Emeagwali.MPEG,http:// www.vimeo.com/85080877, June, 2013. Interviewed at University of South Africa, Muckleneuk
    Ridge, Pretoria.
  • Professor Paul Tarus. “Reflections on Research on African Traditional Medicine.” Interviewed By Gloria
    Emeagwali.MPEG,http:// www.vimeo.com/61586008. March, 2013.
  • Professor Tunde Zack-Williams. “Focus on Africa.” Interview By Gloria Emeagwali.MPEG,
    http://www.vimeo.com/61492251. Interviewed 2013.
  • Mallam Usman, Director General of the National Commission for Museums and Monuments, Nigeria.
    Antiquities.” Interviewed By Gloria Emeagwali. Broadcast March, 2013.Interviewed at Abuja, Nigeria,
  • Dr. Ternenge Ende and Dr. Talla Ngarka. “Nigeria – Cameroon Interactions and the Great Flood of
    Interviewed By Gloria Emeagwali.MPEG, http://www.vimeo.com/58845140. Broadcast February, 2013.
    Interviewed at IBB University, Niger State, Nigeria, 2012.
  • Drs Ellen Ndeshi Namhila, Robert Moropa and Kay Raseroka”The Land Question in Post-Apartheid South
    Africa.” Interviewed By Gloria Emeagwali.MPEG, http://www.vimeo.com/58772912. February 2, 2013.
    Interviewed in Johannesburg, South Africa.
  • Professor Paul Zeleza. “African Studies and the Newo-Liberal Agenda.” Interviewed By Gloria
    Emeagwali.MPEG, http://www.vimeo.com/41520909. 2011.”
  • Professor Paul Zeleza. “Reflections on Southern Africa: An Interview of Prof. Paul Zeleza.”
    By Gloria Emeagwali.MPEG, http://www.vimeo.com/1968428. Broadcast 2011.
  • Professor Mosege Mosimege, Registrar of the University of South Africa.”Conversations with a Pioneer
    Indigenous Knowledge Systems, South Africa.” Interviewed By Gloria Emeagwali.MPEG,
    http://www.vimeo.com/129738267. June, 2015. Interviewed at UNISA, Pretoria, South Africa.
  • Hakim Abebech Shiferaw. “Illuminations on African Traditional Medicine: An Interview with Hakim
    Shiferaw.” Interviewed by Gloria Emeagwali. Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.
  • Nubiologist, Dr. Bruce Williams. “Conversations on Ancient Nubia with the Distinguished Nubiologist, Dr.
    Williams.” Interviewed By Gloria Emeagwali.MPEG, http://www.vimeo.com/4425368. June, 2012.Interviewed at the
    University of Chicago.

Media Related Commentary

  • Voice of America,  Feb. 2000
  • Commentator on Africa and China, National Public Radio, September 2007
  • Commentator/Consultant on the Congo Crisis,
  • Panelist/Africa Specialist WFSB TV 3
    1. 4th December 1992:  3 mins. 5:00 p.m. News program.Crisis in Somalia
  • Consultant/Africa Specialist on Radio WPOP News Program 6:40 a.m., 4th December 1992. 5 mins.
  • Consultant/Africa Specialist on Radio WTIC AM Hartford
    1. 4th December 1992:  20 minutes
    2. Political and historical dimensions of the crisis in Somalia
  • Consultant/Africa Specialist WFSB TV 3
    1. 11:00 p.m. News Program, Interviewed by M. Brezinski
    2. 5 mins. 6th December 1992
  • Consultant/Africa Specialist Radio WTIC
    1. 8:40-8:50 Tuesday 5th October 1993:  10 mins.
  • Consultant/Africa Specialist Radio WTIC
    1. 8:40-8:50 a.m. News Monday 7th December 1992:  10 mins.
    2. Monday 28th December 1992:  5 mins.
  • Consultant/Africa Specialist Radio WTIC
    1. 8:40-8:50 a.m. Tuesday 5th October 1993:  10 mins.
  • Consultant/Specialist WFSB Channel 3
    1. 11:00-11:05 News Hour
  • Consultant/Specialist WTIC 3
    1. 10:00 a.m. – 3:25 p.m.
    2. Commentary on U.S. Foreign Policy
    3. Friday 8th October 1993


Advisor of African Studies Student Club, CCSU.
Members of the Club attended the Annual Meetings of the ASA,  Boston 1993 and Toronto, 1994. The Toronto Meeting of the ASA, 1994, was attended by 11 members of the African Studies Club.

Field Trips with Students of the African Studies Club to view Ancient Northeast African Antiquities at the Boston Museum of Fine Arts &The Metropolitan Museum, New York etc.